D1.3 Recommendations for the MSc contents

The conducted study confirms the relevance of the combination of various pedagogical
approaches and educational technologies. We emphasize the need for a transition from the
simple broadcasting of educational material to active learning, immersing students into
developing real-life projects. It is proposed to develop independent work skills of the
students providing them with maximum opportunities for self-education and self-
development, to find a possibility to combine optimally theoretical knowledge and practical
skills. Students should be invited to solve practical problems of the real sector of the
Belarusian economy.
The key recommendation which should be considered is improving the master's programs is
to develop 2 groups of competencies: hard skills and soft skills. Based on the needs
analyses of the labour market in BY regions 10 hard skills and 10 soft skills of graduates are
identified and listed. Developing master programs, it is recommended to consider the acute
demand and potential future needs of the IT industry: specialists in the fields of data science,
machine learning, cloud administration, UX/UI design, business analysis.
In order to increase the demand and ensure the employment of graduates, it is also
proposed: to update the master's curriculum taking into account the listed competencies and
top IT-trends; to select research topics for master's theses in collaboration with IT
companies; to develop requirements for a master's theses taking into account the
competency-based approach; to develop individual tasks for students aimed at improving
both professional and soft competencies; to apply new methods for assessing the results of
educational activities (for example, the method of collective assessment of students'
individual tasks).