The course Cloud technologies

The course Cloud technologies

We have already introduced you to the master's courses at BSUIR. Now it's Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel turn.

The third semester has come for master students of the 1st intake. They will study the course Cloud technologies and tools for processing large amounts of information.

Master students will learn:

  1. the fundamental ideas behind Cloud Computing;
  2. the basic ideas and principles in data center design;
  3. cloud management techniques;
  4. different CPU, memory and I/O virtualization techniques that serve in offering software, computation and storage services on the cloud;
  5. methods and tools for analyzing the effectiveness of technological platforms for processing large amounts of data, own methods of choosing technological platforms;
  6. the variety of programming models and develop working experience in several of them; 7. technologies, development tools for distributed systems, as well as have teamwork skills.
    More detailed in syllabus.

Do you want to study such a course? Apply for a SSTU of Gomel for Master's Degree next year!