Polotsk State University


Polotsk State University – a higher educational institution in the North-West of Belarus. Established in 1968, Polotsk State University boasts of its unique cluster of a variety of academic profiles starting with technology – the one that has a focus on training professionals at engineering faculties, and coming up to the humanities and social sciences track. The latter is represented by the faculties and departments that train top professionals in economics, finances, law, history, philology and modern European languages. The quality of education at the University has considerably improved due to the upgraded strategy to make closer links with industry, business, and society at large, modernisation of teaching and learning conditions, introduction of new and upgrading the existing curricula, development of up-to-date research, enhancing the potential of postgraduate courses. The graduates of the University work in more than 30 countries all over the world. Internationalisation of education has gained importance recently to ensure enhancement of quality that can stand against the challenges of globalisation and the fastly changing world.

Website: https://www.psu.by

Link for the project: https://www.psu.by/ru/university/mezhdunarodnye-proekty/mezhdunarodnye-proekty/macict