The main finding and outcome of internal seminars for teachers is that more teachers were attracted to actively participate in the project activity and they started to adapt and use the effective pedagogical approaches, teaching/learning methods developed in the project, and will continue to exchange them as a part of created pedagogical advisory board in 5 BY partners universities.

Teachers also recognized the urgent need to improve their spoken and written English skills, and outlined the prospects and opportunities for conducting courses in English for international students. 

The project activities promoted the involvement of more teachers in the English-speaking environment, which improves their qualifications and contributes to reaching the international level. The same effect is observed in the student environment. 

To improve English level among teachers in the future it is planned to organize language courses as an advanced trainings during work at universities - it will take less time than to get to out universities courses. It is planned to invite special language schools to this event. 

To improve students' English level it is planned to increase the number of English lessons not only during studying on master courses, but also during bachelors courses. To improve speaking skills it is possible to give students group tasks on English for solving during practical training.

The project has had a huge impact on the development of the master's degree and practice-oriented approach to learning. Project partners received new ideas and proposals for joint cooperation with employers' organizations. There are applications for the distribution of young specialists from a larger number of IT companies. As well as plans and proposals for further cooperation.
MACICT team sees the importance of sustainability of the project. The developed courses will be used in the training program for undergraduates and the results of the project will be used for educational purposes by specialists within the Academic development department in each university.