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Modernisation of Master Curriculum in ICT for Enhancing Student Employability / MaCICT.

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Belarus has high potential with its human resources professionals in ICT for attracting international business to the country. Since 2005, the share of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) services in the structure of Belarusian exports increased more than sevenfold and has been listed as second in the total exports of services, following transport.

This situation has created a gap between the challenges of the global market and skills/competences belarusian ICT graduates have at entering the profession. The main task of MACICT is to make specialists adept at growing professionally to fit fastly developing global trends in the sector and international market of technologies.

Here are some examples of common needs for belarussian universities presented at Conference “Informational technologies and systems ITS-2017”:

  • The existing MSc study programmes are mono-subject and do not provide graduates with soft skills required by the labour market;
  • Insufficient pedagogical skills, methods used by teachers;
  • Little orientation of methods to the labour market;
  • Lack of labour market participation in curriculum updates;
  • Not involving students in curricular changes;
  • No students’ work in groups for conducting projects;
  • No special classrooms for group work and tele-networking with similar groups outside.

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April 25, 2020

Infoday MaCICT in Grodno

MACICT objectives, current activities and planned results were presented during the InfoDay organized at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno for students applying for the Master Program "Computer Engineering". 62 participants, 6 IT Companies, 2 hour of Q/A session.

April 22, 2020

Teambuilding in MACICT

Specialists in IT need to have high qualification and professional skills. When the world is fighting the coronavirus, IT specialists can work on their projects remotely all the same hard. Our students within the framework of SCRUM-projects organizes not only their conferences and reports, but small funny events of teambuilding. MaCICT is a possibility to work in a team.

April 15, 2020

Working group meeting at BSUIR

During the online meeting on 15.04.2020 with the teachers of ITU University (Copenhagen) and the representatives of IT-companies of Denmark the presentation and discussion of the project "Almenr living", carried out by the Master's Students of «GSTU named after P. O. Sukhoi» together with the ITU Master's Students took place. The progress of the project was reviewed and estimated, its GUI was presented, and the status of the project backlog was reviewed. In spite of some problems at interaction of members of one team, the product turns out to be quite successful. At the time of the meeting, many participants noted that the team's productivity had increased. During the past period, the following 2 out of 4 training manuals prepared at «GSTU named after P. O. Sukhoi» were sent for proofreading and editing before being sent for printing: Software Verification and Certification; Mathematical modeling.